Shakti — aka Higher Creative Energy, aka the Holy Spirit — flows through you at all times. She emanates from the core of your being and radiates outward into the world. This means that all you do is infused with Divine Energy.

It may seem like some people have more flow than others, that everything they place their attention on thrives. When they walk into a room everyone in it becomes charged by their presence. This is true even if that person is quiet and introverted. They put people at ease and in deeper contact with their Inner Self. 

Others seem to be fighting their way upstream. Most of their tasks go uncompleted, and they experience one financial and relationship problem after the next. People pretend not to see them, or even walk to the other side of the street to avoid them.

Both the affluent and the destitute are connected to the same Source. All have the same supply available to them at all times. The difference is that the affluent know how to stay open and attuned to Shakti’s flow.

Aligning with Shakti‘s Flow

Einstein showed us that all matter is just energy at a lower state of vibration. He believed that behind all form is an Infinite Intelligence which orchestrates the process of creation. 

We all know this intuitively. We feel our alignment with that Intelligence by our feeling of well-being. And outwardly, by the flow of effortless action, and our ability to express freely and relate to others with ease. The moment we step out of alignment we feel the burn of friction and the force of resistance.

It all seems so random, like there’s a pattern in the stars we can’t figure out. Some of us get superstitious and try to recreate an “on day” by wearing the same shirt or hat we wore when performing at our best. We carry a lucky coin, put our left sock on before the right one, or eat the same food for breakfast.

Sometimes the charms seem to work, and so our beliefs get reinforced. But most of the time we end up frustrated and feel betrayed by the winds that once had our back. 

True sorcery does exist though. It’s the magic that springs forth when we are open and responsive to our intuitive guidance. It’s the bliss and well-being that arises when we’re doing what we know we should be doing, not because it was what we were taught to do, but because we are following the path of Higher Energy.  

When we live from that place we come into harmony with each other and our environment. We flow toward the direction of our spiritual evolution. 

We see this in the natural world all the time. Water flows through the path of least resistance. Fire doesn’t try to burn, it effortlessly consumes any flammable substance it’s fed. Trees grow toward the sun, and birds migrate in the same direction each year. Everything follows its essential nature. 

So Why Do We Choose the Path of Most Resistance?

You’re either in alignment, or out of alignment. You’re either evolving or devolving, rising or sinking. 

Shakti is never stagnant. She’s always expressing and moving in new directions. 

Again, you know when you’re moving with Her because you feel good inside. Your body hums. Your chemistry bubbles with endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. You get out of bed in the morning with a strong sense of purpose and meaning. 

And when you’re resisting? Friction, stress, tension, sweaty palms and high blood pressure, internal shots of cortisol and epinephrine — all signals you’re heading in the wrong direction.

But you trudge on through the mud and into the wind because to follow Shakti would mean you’d have to change. You’d have to give up your attachments to lower states of consciousness. You’d have to let go of your beliefs, desires, and fears. And most of all because you’d have to surrender your story, that fictional tale you believe to be you.   

You’ve heard this before, but it’s worth repeating over and over again until it becomes a realization. You are not the body. Remember, the body is just energy at a lower state of vibration.  

Your body, thoughts, habits, and personality — all are energetic vibrations. Patternings. And if you want to evolve, if you want to live in the creative flow, you have to continuously break down all of those patterns and redirect that energy back into the larger current.  

When you learn to do this you will rise. 

The Practice

There are many meditation techniques designed to assist you in your growth, Rudra Meditation being one of them. I recommend finding one you resonate with and using it everyday. Because when you become still and quiet you come into conscious contact with your inner guidance. And that, more than anything else — and in spite of everything else — will align you. 

In most cases, the best time to practice meditation is first thing in the morning because it prepares you to open to the new energies of the day. But the practice doesn’t end when you get up from your cushion. You need to bring it with you throughout all your activities by continuing to look within to check your alignment. 

These type of centering questions can help:

  • Am I aware? (Hint: Unless you’re a zombie, you are always aware. Asking yourself this question helps you recognize that Awareness.)
  • Am I present in this moment?
  • Is my heart open?
  • Where am I holding tension?
  • Are the thoughts I’m having positive or negative? 
  • Am I listening to my inner guidance?
  • Are my actions aligned with the desires of my Higher Self?

For me, the last question is the key to living with meaning and purpose. I take a deep breath through the chakra system and bring my attention into manipura (the navel chakra). I feel the pull here, the desire to grow and express creatively. And then I do my best to act from that center. 

I’ve discovered that when I align myself in this way I enter the current where everything unfolds effortlessly. On the flip side, when I’m chasing after the desires of my ego and trying to force things to happen, I struggle.   

When you’re open to and aligned with Shakti you will thrive and prosper in all you do. You will feel a sense of purpose and meaning. You will live in harmony with others. 

Everyone desires to live in this state. But unless you’re a fully awakened being, you will need to continually engage in the spiritual work of alignment.

The work is to surrender your inner resistance so you can better serve Shakti’s flow. We all share this highest calling.