1.45 – The subtle states of objects extend to that which is without form.

सूक्ष्मविषयत्वमं चालिङ्गपर्यवसानम् ॥४५॥

sukshma vishayatvam cha alinga paryavasanam

  • sukshma – subtle; minute; fine
  • vishayatvam – having an object
  • cha – and; also; both
  • alinga – having no marks or attributes
  • paryavasanam – includes; extends to

During the manifestation process, an object goes through many stages until it becomes tangible. Through yogic meditation, one can trace that gradual succession into form back toward its source.

The source of all form is Pure Awareness. Approaching that source, through the aid of an object, the yogi passes through subtler and subtler layers of the object’s existence until it can no longer be considered an object. All qualities it once possessed have dissolved into the formless.