1.50 – The positive psychic impressions arising from that samadhi prevent the formation of other psychic impressions.

तज्जः संस्कारोऽन्यसंस्कारप्रतिबन्धी ॥५०॥

tajjah samskarah anya samskara paribandhi

  • tajjah – being produced from that
  • samskarah – psychic impressions; forming the mind; conditionings
  • anya – other; different
  • samskara – psychic impressions; forming the mind; conditionings
  • paribandhi – binding; impeding; preventing

1.51 – When all of the positive impressions have also become still, one abides in seedless samadhi.

तस्यापि निरोधे सर्वनिरोधान्निर्बीजः समाधिः ॥५१॥

tasya api nirodhe sarva nirodhat nirbijah samadhih

  • tasya – of that; his; her
  • api – even; also; too; though
  • nirodhe – stillness; cessation; quietude
  • sarva – all; every
  • nirodhat – through the stilling of; through the quieting of
  • nirbijah – without seed
  • samadhih – unity consciousness; union of subject and object; bringing together; deep absorption

Commentary on Sutras 1.50 and 1.51:

During nirbija samadhi, the yogi tastes the freedom of Awareness. This is a state with no restrictions, no boundaries. Throughout the process leading up to that absorption, the vital forces become active, rise into the upper chakras, and higher states of consciousness unfold.

This approach toward the true Self is filled with bliss. The joy of approach, and the direct insight which comes raining down during the transcendent absorption, create positive psychic impressions.

These positive impressions create a self-reinforcing practice. Having had a taste of freedom, the yogi desires more.

The more they dive into the Heart of Awareness, the more positive impressions build. Eventually, they override the former habits and tendencies that bound them to the world.

The impressions in consciousness (samskaras) are like the grooves in a rock through which water flows. The higher samadhi regrooves consciousness and alters the flow. Where the current of life-energy once moved outward into all the attachments and aversions created throughout this and other incarnations, now it moves inward toward Awareness.

Divine grace and deep, extensive practice will inevitably dissolve all impressions in consciousness, and nirbija samadhi will become the yogi’s default state.