2.10 – Those painful barriers which are in a subtle state should be dissolved back into their source.

ते प्रतिप्रसवहेयाः सूक्ष्माः ॥१०॥

te pratiprasava heyah sukshmah

  • te – these; they
  • pratiprasava – return to the origin
  • heyah – to be avoided; to be rejected; to be subtracted, eliminated, dissolved
  • sukshmah – subtle; minute; fine

2.11 – The practice of higher meditation brings an end to the the fluctuations caused by the painful barriers.

ध्यान हेयाः तद्वृत्तयः ॥११॥

dhyana heyah tat vrittayah

  • dhyana – meditation
  • heyah – to be avoided; to be rejected; to be subtracted, eliminated, dissolved
  • tat – that
  • vrittayah – “the vrittis are”; vrittis – fluctuations, modifications; activities, movements

Commentary on Sutras 2.10—2.11:

Everything in creation is a vibration of Awareness. And each pulsation can be traced back to its source in Awareness. That includes the kleshas.

In their subtle form, the kleshas are either weak or dormant forms of vibratory energy that have the potential to create future suffering. By practicing higher meditation, which leads to a state of samadhi, we can dissolve those kleshas before they become fully active.

The subtle is the seed for the gross. We water the subtle seeds of kleshas with our daily experiences. And those seeds grow into active fears and desires that further condition the mind and strengthen the false-self.

Regular meditation practice is our most effective tool for breaking free of this cycle. The three principles of kriya yoga hint at how this training should be carried out—with the self-discipline to make it regular and intensive, with an attitude of attentive inquiry, and by letting go and trusting in the wisdom of Awareness.

Through our training, our sensitivity increases, and we can notice our consciousness contract when a klesha becomes active. We see negative emotions emerge when our desires are not immediately gratified, or defense mechanisms go up when our ego feels threatened. Before, we only became aware of those waves while reacting to them. Now, we recognize them before they surface.

Our daily meditation training allows us to remain calm and non-reactive. We let the thoughts and emotions come up, move through us, and then dissolve back into their source.

This subsiding and stilling of the waves of consciousness prevent the production of more karmic suffering and confusion to ourselves and others. The more training we put in, the more we become used to abiding in tranquility, and the easier it becomes to sense the waves forming before they become large enough to drown us in drama.