3.26 – Through samyama on the perception of inner light, one gains insight into the subtle, hidden, and remote.

प्रवृत्त्यालोकन्यासात् सूक्ष्माव्यावहितविप्रकृष्टज्ञानम् ॥२५॥

pravritti aloka nyasat suksma vyavahita viprakrista jnanam

  • pravritti – perception; cognition of; activity; rise; flow
  • aloka – light; luster
  • nyasat – bringing forward
  • suksma – subtle; minute; fine
  • vyavahita – placed apart; separated by; hidden; covered; concealed
  • viprakrista – remote; distant
  • jnanam – knowledge; awareness

In higher meditation, we can perceive the inner light of consciousness. By practicing samyama on that light, dimensions of our subconscious normally out of reach become illumined—the subtle karmic impressions, for example.

When we first learn to meditate, we begin to notice things we weren’t aware of before, like the constant chattering of the mind, areas of tension within the body, and tendencies to react in predictable ways. As we progress, we continue to see deeper into the psyche. Our inner work uncovers more work waiting beneath the surface.

Yoga is a lifetime occupation, but the labor is illuminating. If we can learn to surrender to the process and accept the work we must do, it will culminate in enlightenment. The radiant light of the Self will shine throughout all the dark recesses of our consciousness, revealing our true essence.