3.39 – By relaxing the causes of bondage and feeling their way through the subtle pathways of consciousness, the yogi can enter another’s body.

बद्न्हकारणशैथिल्यात् प्रचारसंवेदनाच्च चित्तस्य परशरीरावेशः ॥३८॥

bandha karana shaithilyat prachara samvedanat cha chittasya para sharira aveshah

  • bandha – bond; binding; chain; tie
  • karana – causing; effecting; organ of the senses; perception
  • shaithilyat – letting go; relaxing; dropping
  • prachara – path; way; road
  • samvedanat – feeling; sensation; perception
  • cha – and; also; both
  • chittasya – of consciousness
  • para – another; other
  • sharira – the body
  • aveshah – entering into

The advanced yogi clearly recognizes they are not the body or the mind. They know they are the soul, an individualized expression of Pure Awareness, which functions through the body and mind.

Some of these adepts gain the ability to direct their consciousness outside of the body. They may choose to enter another’s body to bring about healing, help the person work through karma, or act as a catalyst for awakening.

For those who believe their consciousness is located within the confines of their skull, this will sound far-fetched and unbelievable. But even modern science shows us that our heart’s magnetic field can be measured up to 3 feet from the body’s periphery. In addition, researchers are exploring the existence of the human biofield and how we interact with other biofields around us. In the future, we’ll no doubt discover much about the nature of energy consciousness, and what seems miraculous to us today may seem logical in the future.