3.44 – By samyama on the one true Reality beyond all external fluctuations in consciousness, one enters the great disembodied state, and the veil which covers the spiritual light is removed.

बहिरकल्पिता वृत्तिः महाविदेहा ततः प्रकाशावरणक्षयः ॥४३॥

bahih akalpita vrittih maha-videha tatah prakasha avarana ksayah

  • bahih – external; outer
  • akalpita – genuine; natural; true; real
  • vrittih – fluctuations; modifications; activities; movements
  • maha – great
  • videha – bodiless; disembodied
  • tatah – due to that; from that
  • prakasha – luminosity; light; shining
  • avarana – covering; hiding; veiling
  • ksayah – termination; dissolution; end

In this practice, we’re going straight to the source rather than working with a particular object. Actually, we may begin with an object, such as the breath or a mantra, until all external fluctuations have subsided, then set it aside and direct our awareness to Awareness Itself.

If successful, we experience “the great disembodied state”—the state beyond all the koshas (the five bodily layers, or sheaths normally encasing the soul). Even the most subtle veil is lifted from our inner sight, and we directly perceive the brilliant light of the Self.